About me

My name is Dennis Downing. I am a self-taught artist. I have been painting for over thirty years.

My work has changed over the years. The early paintings were influenced by the cubists. Later work has been influenced by the American abstract expressionists , in particular De Kooning, Rothko, Newman and Pollock.

The paintings on view here are from my most recent series. I begin each canvas on a horizontal level, and transfer paint with pressure to the canvas via sheets of paper. In some works newspaper is used, resulting in the transfer of text or images to the canvas.  I do not use a brush on the canvas.

This method results in the intentional effect of revealing the outline of the stretcher beneath the canvas, and the use of many layers of paint in different thickness and texture.

I have also added some earlier work, exploring shape and layering of colour, text and transfer of textures.